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Our Approach

Increase access to federal, state, and municipal resources that benefit Illinois Latinos, including initiatives that drive economic prosperity for Latinos, help them escape poverty and alleviate financial insecurity, ensure fair compensation and supportive work environments, and increase access to education and training for advancement in the workplace and community.​

We are forming and sustaining partnerships with businesses and organizations to enhance economic and employment opportunities for Illinois Latinos through workshops and panels, internships, and facilitating communication with businesses, government, education, and the nonprofit sectors alongside career training and networking.​

Support the widespread distribution of information on public policy that impacts Illinois Latinos through an annual report on Latinos and the five pillars of Raices.​Provide resources for young Latinos in Illinois to succeed in education, mainly through its college scholarship program that has already granted close to $1,000,000 to more than 500 Latino students across Illinois.

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