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Foster the next generation of Latiné leadership while advocating for the needs and wants of the community.

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Local Artist from the 2023 Gala

Thank you @senatorkarinavilla and @illcfoundation for choosing me to be apart of the 2nd Annual Gala & to bring my own chair to this great table. What an honor it is to be chosen to represent West Chicago & the people of Michoacán who lived on the Campbell's mushroom factory farm and then company town. To represent the people that were determined to gain a better life living in box cart camps away from home.

2023 Raíces Public Policy Conference Attendee

“I really enjoyed the workshops and the facilitators that were in the groups that assisted with and worked with the groups to explore ideas and give feedback.  It really made me felt heard and was nice to connect with and meet with others in the groups.  This was my favorite part of the event. I met some wonderful people in my groups.  I think this is the first time in my life that I've been with such a large group of Hispanic professionals that all care and are concerned about other Hispanics regardless of profession without knowing one another.  I truly enjoyed this event and wished it had been longer.”​

2022 Scholarship Recipient

“These scholarships are an investment in students, but most importantly, they are an investment in our community at large.”​

2022 Scholarship Recipient

“This has made my entire YEAR!! I am so HONORED to be one of the recipients of this scholarship, and grateful that I will be able to attend school in the spring now thanks to this award!! Education is truly my biggest motivator in life, and a way in which I feel I can help others the most. I really did not know if I would be able to continue in my program, but now I am able to, and registration for the spring is in early November which is a HUGE relief!


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